What is Sustainability, How Does it Relate to Climate Change, and Where do Lupins Fit in?

Climate Change Most of us are familiar with climate change and its impacts on our environment, however people are not often aware of the impacts our dietary choices have on the environment. In reality, our diet is a significant contributor to environmental impacts of daily life.  It is crucial that we take action to combat[Readmore..]

What really is a keto diet and how does Lupin fit into this?

Lupin Seeds

What is the keto diet? The ketogenic or “keto” diet is more than just a low carb diet. It involves small amounts of carbohydrates, moderate protein consumption and high amounts of fat. The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to remain in a constant state of ketosis. What is ketosis? Great question! Here’s the part[Readmore..]

Australian Sweet Lupins and Coeliac

What is Gluten and Coeliac Disease? Most of us are familiar with ‘gluten’ and ‘gluten free diets’, and some may have even heard of coeliac disease, but what actually IS gluten, what does it do to people who are coeliac, and how can dietary requirements be catered to for these individuals? Gluten refers to the[Readmore..]

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure and Supporting Vasodilation with Australian Sweet Lupins 

High Blood Pressure Every time your heart beats, blood is pumped into your blood vessels (arteries), carrying it from the heart to all parts of your body. As this happens, the force of blood being pushed against the walls of the arteries creates what we know as “blood pressure”. The greater the force, the harder[Readmore..]

The Quest for Sustainability

What does it mean to be sustainable? Sustainability means different things to different people. To The Lupin Co, sustainability means leaving the earth in a better condition than we found it. It means that we work hard to find ways to improve our business without causing damage to the environment – our air, land and[Readmore..]