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Good for you & the Earth

As a family-grown Aussie company, we’re passionate about making seriously good, nutritious food that tastes great, is easy to use and delivers amazing benefits to everyone in our food chain. All possible with the superfood that is Aussie Sweet Lupins.

Our Lupin Flakes are good for you, good for the earth and good for the Aussie growers that we support.

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The Lupin Co

Changing the world one flake at a time

We’re all about honest nutrition that makes a big difference.

The Lupin Co way is all about giving back to communities, healthy bodies and tantilising tastebuds.

We never compromise on quality or integrity and work closely with our local growers to make the best Lupin Flakes around!

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An Aussie Legend begins

Did you know Lupins have actually been around for thousands of years! Consumed throughout the Mediterranean region and the Andean mountains, lupins were eaten by the early Egyptian and pre-Incan people and were known to contribute to the fertility of soils.

During the 1960’s a very clever man named Dr John Gladstone from University of Western Australia (UWA), developed one of the first commercial lupin varieties especially for the Australian environment.

This breakthrough changed the agricultural landscape in Western Australia by allowing infertile sandy soils to be farmed in a brand new sustainable way. Lupins act as a natural fertiliser, introducing nitrogen into the soil, therefore reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

This is why the lupins are one of Australia’s most important crops. Western Australia now grows 85% of the entire world’s entire sweet lupin supply, making them a truly iconic Aussie legume!

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The Lupin Co Australia - Dr Joanna McMillan is a Lover of Lupins for Health
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One bright idea can change the world

We believe everyone deserves a little TLC. We love working with community initiatives like 5,000 Meals, a project that involves preparing and providing nourishing meals for those in need.

All produce is donated and the program provides valuable vocational education opportunities for students. 5,000 Meals works with Foodbank WA, Food Rescue, Oz Harvest, local producers, local chefs and WA High Schools, to foster a cycle of giving..


Jacqueline FASSOS

This is the most awesome value! I use Lupin flour in most of my keto baking as a flour substitute and find buying it in smaller quantities to be very costly but thanks to the bulk 15kg bag I am saving so much money!


I love it. I've used it to coat snapper which was crunchy and delicious and love pancakes I made this morning. Looking forward to using it in many more recipes.

Julie Angelina

I absolutely love lupin flakes! They are so versatile, whilst being extremely health.I add them to practically everything.And if I'm not using the flakes, then it is the flour!Wonderful product!!