Lupinola | Protein Rich Cereal with Lupins & Hemp - The Lupin Co



Our latest creation of a delicious, 5 star (Health Star Rating) unsweetened, low carb, high protein breakfast option, full of energy without the spikes from sugar. Amazing Vegan, Keto and Paleo friendly and of course is Gluten-free. GM free and no additives at all.

With 26% lupin roasted flakes, add your choice of yoghurt of milk with fresh fruits to suit your taste is a fabulous way to start the day – one try and you’ll be hooked. Just another way of enjoying this great Aussie iconic legume.

Nutrient details per 100grams:
Energy – 2140 kJ
Protein – 23 grams
Sugar – 2.76 grams
Carbs total – 14.8 grams
Saturated Fat – 4.8 grams
Sodium – 17mg
Dietary fibre – 15%(approx.)

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