What Is Australian Sweet Lupin?

What is Australian Sweet Lupin

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A growing number of people nowadays are becoming more cognizant of the importance of eating healthy. Many are beginning to understand that finding healthier food options is the key to preventing diseases, increasing our natural immunity and living a long and happy life. Some of these healthy foods include lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, and other similar plant-based proteins. However, there are still many healthy foods left to be discovered.

Among the food items that are rapidly increasing in popularity among healthy dieters are Australian Sweet Lupin beans. So, what are Australian Sweet Lupin beans? They are high-protein (40%) and low-carb (only 4% digestible) with 38% dietary fibre legumes. They originated from the Mediterranean in the mid 1960’s and were traditionally consumed as a snack in the Mediterranean and some South American countries. Because of their uniquely high energy protein and dietary fibre composition, Australian Sweet Lupin beans are now quickly expanding their geographic reach and becoming a regular part of many people’s meals. They can be consumed raw every day or cooked with other ingredients. However, in recent years, Australian Sweet Lupin bean endosperm (the beautiful yellow inner meal part) have been ground to flours and used in many baking applications. Other Australian Sweet Lupin products, although not as popular as lupin flour, include lupin flakes, lupin splits and lupin grits, together with a range of Super Lupin retail products from The Lupin Co. 

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The numbers add up

They’re healthy delicious bright and versatile but there’s so much more to a Lupin flake than just good looks and great taste. Crunch the numbers!

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In addition to the essential nutrient content of Australian Sweet Lupin, they also provide a range of polyphenols, including flavonoids and phenolic acids including Apigenin, Caffeic acid, and Gallic acid.

Australian Sweet Lupin beans are a powerhouse food with all these nutrients. It contains one-third more protein per square inch than any other beans or legumes, negligible amounts of starch, and high levels of prebiotic fibre. Plus, a multitude of vitamins and minerals help build energy and strengthens the body. No wonder this little legume is fast becoming one of the staples of the Australian diet.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF Australian Sweet Lupin

Australian Sweet Lupin beans and their products offer a wealth of health benefits. Its high protein content helps in increasing muscle mass and energy while lowering cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure levels. They also offer the essential amino acids for better body functions and help decrease your cravings. And, with its high fibre content, Australian Sweet Lupin beans also help improve digestive health, boost the immune system, and protect the heart. More than that, Australian Sweet Lupins  help reduce the risk of diabetes and colon cancer. Other nutrients found in Australian Sweet Lupin beans also strengthen the bones, improve the hair and skin, and fight signs of ageing.

Australian Sweet Lupin is a type of legume related to peanuts and soybeans, and if you are allergic to them, there is a very slight potential you may be allergic to lupin – About 5% of people known to exhibit clinical symptoms of peanut allergy have been reported to show clinical symptoms when exposed to lupin. More information can be found here – https://www.allergy.org.au/hp/papers/lupin-food-allergy


There are 2 kinds of lupin beans: Lupinus Albus or Lupini beans (bitter and contain toxic Alkaloids) and Australian Sweet Lupin (sweet and very, very low levels of alkaloids). The bitter variety or Lupinus Albus takes longer to prepare because it will need to be soaked in water for a few days until it is rid of its strong bitter taste. The water where it is submerged will also need to be changed at least once a day. It can only be cooked after the soaking process. On the other hand, the sweet variety of lupin (not literally sweet) can be prepared quickly, eaten raw every day of the week. There is no need to soak the lupin flakes as they hydrate in less than 3 minutes – use them straight out of the packet. See thelupinco.com.au

Cooking with Australian Sweet Lupin is much like any other beans. You can boil them, mix them with other vegetables, or add them to pasta. You can also add the flour or flake to your favourite recipe and consume them as snacks, use them as toppings, or turn them into a nutty and high-protein dip.

If you’ve just started a low-carb diet, or just trying to find healthier meat substitutes, Australian Sweet Lupin should definitely on your list. To learn more about lupins and their many benefits, browse through our website. The Lupin Co. offers you a range of lupin products and services that will help you take advantage of this powerhouse food that is taking the world by storm.