Managing A Healthy Weight As Well As Type 2 Diabetes

Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge for many of us in the western world. Over the last couple of decades obesity has become a problem in many developing countries as the populations increase their wealth and adopt a Western style diet.

A typical western diet with a large component of sugary drinks and high levels of fat, refined carbohydrates and with insufficient fibre and protein is the major cause of weight gain and Type 2 Diabetes. The link between obesity and Diabetes has led doctors to use the term ‘diabesity’ to describe this epidemic.

Increasing the fibre content of your diet is one way to make you feel fuller for longer and therefore inhibits the temptation to over eat or to snack between meals. The other great advantage of having higher levels of fibre in your diet is that it slows down your carbohydrate metabolism and prevents the sugar spikes in your blood. This is called the Glycaemic Index (GI) of food and it is important to keep the GI low. The best solution is to increase your dietary fibre intake with meals and to look on the label for low GI foods.

Lupin flakes and flour from TLC is the perfect solution to increase your fibre intake.

Did you know that Lupin has the highest fibre content of any of the plant sources freely available? When you combine that with Lupin having the highest level of protein as well you can see why nutritionists call Lupin a Wonder Food.

TLC Lupin flakes and flour contain 38% fibre and only 40 grams per day (that is 4 tablespoons) delivers your recommended dietary fibre intake.

It is so easy to incorporate TLC Lupin into your diet.

Add TLC Lupin flakes to your favourite muesli or porridge. You could also use TLC Lupinola which is available online. Why not add Lupin flakes to a casserole or stew? You can add them to rice and mashed vegetables or as a sprinkle on salads and vegetables. Lupin flakes also make a great crumbing mix for fish, chicken and red meat. You could even try toasting them lightly in the oven to get an appealing nutty flavour.

Lupin flakes added to banana bread and other baked goods increases the fibre content to make them more healthy snacks. So now you can still have your mid meal indulgences but make them healthier with higher protein, higher fibre and lower GI. Research by scientists at CSIRO and Australian Universities have shown that Lupin makes a very positive contribution to controlling Diabetes 2 as well as having a positive impact on cardiovascular health giving more credibility to the Wonder Food label.